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A much needed ICU

Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Salthaven is a volunteer wildlife rehabilitation facility located just outside of London, Ontario in Mount Brydges. During the spring, summer and fall Salthaven receives 25 to 30 calls a day regarding displaced, sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife.

The Centre repairs wings, sets broken limbs, helps the frail gain strength, nurtures the abandoned and most of all, enables injured and orphaned wildlife to regain their freedom. Often, Salthaven uses incubators to treat and rehabilitate critically ill wildlife.

Incubators allow rescuers to regulate the temperature and humidity for animals that often arrive at the facility dehydrated, in a state of shock, and unable to regulate their own temperature. Incubators have been very successful in treating these animals because their use saves money at the facility, as they shorten the time required for rehabilitation and lead to animals being returned to the wild sooner.

The Gordon and Patricia Gray Animal Welfare Foundation's donation was used to help purchase a new lead detection unit and a much needed Animal Intensive Care Unit.

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