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A new digital elephant scale

Wildlife SOS

Home to almost 60% of Earth's remaining Asian elephant population, India is plagued with a lack of awareness and education which is leading to the persistent enslavement of these majestic animals for tourism, manual labor, performances, processions, entertainment and street begging. Wildlife SOS leads efforts to protect wild elephant populations in India, as well as rescue, treat and care for elephants exploited in the abusive tourism and begging elephant industries. They specifically address the problem of injured and sick elephants that are forced to work in slums and crowded cities.

Their aim is to reach out and help the elephants that are blind, elderly, wounded, malnourished and dehydrated, or those being used illegally and commercially under deprived conditions. Most captive elephants in India are owned illegally, and strict enforcement of laws is needed to end illegal trafficking of elephants. The Wildlife SOS sanctuaries allow laws to be enforced because they give authorities a home for these seized and rescued elephants.

In 2018, Wildlife SOS established India's very first Elephant Hospital. This was truly a historic milestone for injured and ailing elephants throughout India, who can now get the care and love they need in a state-of-the-art facility. The hospital is capable of conducting important laboratory tests and treatments for the elephants including wireless digital radiological capabilities, ultrasound, laser therapy, an in-house pathology lab, and a medical hoist for comfortably lifting disabled elephants. The hospital has a protected-contact elephant restraining device, a hydrotherapy pool, and quarantine enclosures. All of this enables regular check-ups as well as out-of-routine treatments and urgent after-rescue care.

Recently, funding from The Gordon and Patricia Gray Animal Welfare Foundation enabled the purchase of a digital weighing scale, which will significantly improve the quality of care provided to the elephants since it can help catch problems before any other symptoms may be showing.

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