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A new songbird aviary

Wild at Heart Refuge Centre

Wild at Heart is a charitable non-profit, volunteer-based organisation that promotes wildlife conservation, providing veterinary care and rehabilitation to injured, sick, or orphaned wildlife in Northern Ontario, with the goal of rehabilitating them back into the wild. In addition, the organisation has a strong focus on community education, volunteers, student interns, and media events to increase the understanding of wildlife issues.

Their facilities include 54 outdoor aviaries, and an on-site, indoor critical-care room for any raptors needing short-term, or ongoing medical treatment. Wild At Heart has been growing annually with the number of birds taken in, and they recently added and enlarged three aviaries to accommodate this growth in addition to rebuilding and improving upon more than 10 others. Funding from the Gordon and Patricia Gray Animal Welfare Foundation was used towards building the new songbird aviary.

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