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Atlantic salmon tracking

Atlantic Salmon Federation

The Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) is a world-leading science and advocacy organization dedicated to conserving and restoring wild Atlantic salmon and their ecosystems. Headquartered in New Brunswick, Canada, the ASF oversees a network of seven state and provincial councils, and 103 affiliated groups. Altogether they represent more than 25,000 members and volunteers.

ASF conducts research on wild salmon throughout the North Atlantic, performs complex river restoration projects and advocates for good environmental decisions. Internationally, ASF negotiates conservation agreements with commercial fishermen in places like Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

One of the greatest threats to Atlantic salmon lies somewhere in the North Atlantic, where climate change and shifting ocean conditions mean more wild salmon than ever before are dying at sea. By tracking Atlantic salmon at sea, monitoring their health, and studying the effects of predators and human activity, the ASF can pinpoint the causes of decline and offer solutions.

Funds donated through the Gordon and Patricia Gray Animal Welfare Foundation were used towards a research program that used tagging and satellite technology to learn more about adult salmon behaviour both before and after crossing the array at the Strait of Belle Isle and around the Greenland fishery.

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