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Avian mews for peregrine falcons

Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

London, Ontario is host to an amazing variety of wildlife from the threatened Peregrine Falcon to the most common songbirds, raccoons and foxes. However, as the human population continues to grow, the dangers these animals face also grows.

Salthaven, a volunteer wildlife rehabilitation facility, is located just outside of London, Ontario in Mount Brydges. During the spring, summer and fall Salthaven receives 25 to 30 calls a day regarding displaced, sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife. The calls come from local and regional police, humane societies, animal care and control agencies, the Ministry of Natural Resources, Canadian Wildlife Services and the concerned public. The Centre repairs wings, sets broken limbs, helps the frail gain strength, nurtures the abandoned and most of all, enables injured and orphaned wildlife to regain their freedom.

The Gordon and Patricia Gray Animal Welfare Foundation's donation was used to build new avian mews at the Centre. Birds of prey will be able to recover in the mews, which is geared to their being able to exercise after surgery or injuries that would have otherwise meant their demise.

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