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Building a new wildlife hospital

National Wildlife Centre

Since 2014, The NWC has cared for more than 5,000 native wild animals and more than 200 species, including threatened and endangered ones. The Centre works within the interconnection of humans, Canadian wildlife and the environment. They help native wildlife through their programs aimed at conservation goals to protect ecosystems, populations of wild animals, and the health of individual animals.

The NWC aims to be a Centre of Excellence for conservation, wildlife clinical research, wildlife medicine, training, and education. Their vision is to be a platform for training future wildlife custodians, responders, conservation and wildlife biologists, rescue staff and veterinarians in native wildlife issues. They are a resource for wildlife emergency prevention, preparedness, and response planning in Canada and act as a hub of new discovery and dissemination of knowledge.

They have recently expanded and now provide medical care to sick and injured wildlife through a partnership with Hope for Wildlife (HFW) in Seaforth, NS. Their work is organised around crucial areas, currently by connecting the public to the appropriate wildlife responder or rehabilitator with a future plan to bring wildlife experts, enthusiasts and the public together to support Canadian wildlife.

Recently, the NWC purchased 100 acres in Caledon, Ontario to build a new wildlife centre that will train more professionals and treat more animals at a national level. Canada's Centre of Excellence in Wildlife will be the leading provider for surgery, rehabilitation, conservation, and education of Canada's wildlife, as well as a hub for the wildlife community to train, learn, treat animals, and collaborate together.

Thanks to a significant seed investment by The Gordon and Patricia Gray Animal Welfare Foundation, the NWC have raised over $1.75 million to date and are currently raising funds to meet their goal of $6 million in order to commence building in the Fall of 2020.

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