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Helping low-income pet owners

Farley Foundation

The Farley Foundation, a registered Ontario charity, is a Milton-based organization that assists low-income pet owners cover the cost of medical care for their sick and/or injured pets. It is named after the dog, Farley, from the comic strip For Better or For Worse, by artist Lynn Johnston. The Foundation offers financial assistance to veterinary clinics in Ontario to help cover the cost of providing necessary veterinary care for pets belonging to seniors who cannot otherwise afford treatment for their pets.

Farley is the name of a character developed by Canadian artist and cartoonist Lynn Johnston. The beloved sheepdog was a Patterson family member in Lynn Johnston's syndicated comic strip, For Better or For Worse. The name of the Farley Foundation is a tribute to the sheepdog who eventually died in the comic while attempting to save April Patterson, who had fallen in a ravine.

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