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New digs for Sweet Pea and Pierre

Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary

Story Book Farm is a place of safety that offers our primate residents freedom from fear and a place to recover from trauma. In sanctuary care, friendships between our residents and exploration and freedom of choice are encouraged. The primates are given back their ability to make decisions and control events that affect their lives.

As of June 2020, Story Book Farm is home to 26 monkeys who have come from a variety of backgrounds, some of them with stories difficult even to share, let alone survive.

The Gordon and Patricia Gray Animal Welfare Foundation's donation helped the Farm to enlarge and enhance the areas for two baboons, Sweet Pea and Pierre. This enlarged area will give them more room as their current enclosures are small, and will enhance their lives, give them more area to move about, more to see and more things to do to help pass time and enrich their lives.

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