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Pet Assist for Calgary's seniors

Calgary Seniors Resource Society

The Calgary Seniors Centre uniquely combines specialized and registered social workers with volunteers and volunteer programs that work hand-in-hand; not only do they assist in a crisis, but they provide ongoing assistance to ensure seniors are supported appropriately long-term.

Volunteers help seniors deal with loneliness and day to day living, and help with programs such as Friendly Visiting, Assisted Shopping, Telephone Reassurance and Escorted Transportation to medical appointments.

The Gordon and Patricia Gray Animal Welfare Foundation helps fund the Centre's Pet Assist program, a program that aims to make sure seniors are able to stay with their pets for as long as possible. The program pairs seniors with volunteers to help with their pet-care needs. Volunteers assist with monitoring medication, walks, feeding and transport to and from the vet. The program also assists with placing pets in temporary or permanent care if something happens to the senior. For seniors who have had to give up their furry friends, volunteers with pets will visit to bring up their energy.

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