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Polar bear cams and research

Polar Bears International - Canada

Founded in 1992, Polar Bears International (PBI)'s mission is to conserve polar bears and the sea ice they depend on. PBI is the only organization dedicated solely to wild polar bears. Made up of a small group of passionate conservationists, scientists, and volunteers, PBI exists to help secure a future for polar bears across the Arctic. They know polar bears--their habits, their ecology, their threats--and are recognized leaders in their conservation.

PBI's story moves beyond the plight of the polar bears, because they know humans are not adverse to the visible threats to our global ecosystem. The final act is unwritten and PBI uses every resource they have to facilitate action; to combat the belief that it's too late; and to unify the world into action. Through media, science, and advocacy, PBI works to inspire people to care about the Arctic, the threats to its future, and the connection between this remote region and our global climate.

Donations from The Gordon and Patricia Gray Animal Welfare Foundation are used to provide support PBI's fieldwork conducted in Canada, including their Tundra Connections series, Polar Bear Cam, training programs for members of the PBI Climate Alliance, and population surveys and analyses.

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