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Protecting bird habitats

Roberta Bondar Foundation

World-wide, it is estimated by BirdLife International that almost 1,500 bird species face extinction, largely because of climate-related change and human activity such as urbanization. Birds add irreplaceable value to our natural environment and that is why the Roberta Bondar Foundation is working to raise awareness about the threats facing birds, and to advocate for their more hopeful future.

The Gordon and Patrica Animal Welfare Foundations supports the Roberta Bondar Foundation’s Avian Migration Aerial Surface Space initiative, also known as AMASS, which provides a new view of the migration of bird species, including whooping cranes, red knots, Sprague’s pipets, bar-tailed godwits, lesser flamingos and curlew sandpipers. The purpose of AMASS is to tell stories of bird migration that address the challenges of protecting threatened habitats in the face of climate change and other human-caused habitat changes.

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