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Tracking Canada's sharks

World Wildlife Fund Canada

World Wildlife Fund Canada is the country's largest international conservation organisation. Using the best scientific analysis and indigenous guidance, they work to conserve species at risk, protect threatened habitats, and address climate change. Their long-term vision is simple: to create a world where people and nature thrive.

With 27 distinct shark species prowling all three of Canada's oceans, including great whites in the Atlantic, Greenland sharks in the Arctic, and salmon sharks in the Pacific waters off of B.C., they're a vital part of our diverse oceanic ecosystems.

Unselective fishing practices, particularly the unintentional capture of sharks in longline fisheries targeting tuna, swordfish and groundfish are a major factor driving shark populations to decline.

The Gordon and Patricia Gray Animal Welfare Foundation's support helps the WWF's work in shark tracking to help combat these and other major threats to Canada's shark population. The WWF's research team attaches satellite tags to Greenland sharks’ dorsal fins, which transmit data about the depths and temperatures of where the sharks are swimming—relaying important information about their habitat.

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