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Safeguarding Africa's rhinos

We're incredibly grateful for the Gordon and Patricia Gray Animal Welfare Foundation's generosity, enabling us to further our mission to safeguard Africa's wildlife and wild lands.

The Gordon and Patricia Gray Animal Welfare Foundation responded to a wish list by the AWF to protect the rhinos in the Great Fish River Nature Reserve in South Africa:

1) General support and for predator-proof bomas (fences) in Kitenden Wildlife Corridor

2) Purchase of an inverter and battery assembly: The generator at GFRNR currently runs throughout the day burning diesel fuel which negatively impacts the local environmental while powering only a handful of appliances and satellite telephones. Purchasing an inverter and battery assembly would not only result in a net savings of nearly $20,000 per annum, but would also reduce the hydrocarbon load by at least 40-50%, allowing for a greener operational footprint.

3) Purchase of 3 motorcyles for deployment: The current fleet of vehicles at GFRNR is aging. Replacing the ailing fleet with these motorcycles would save the ECPTA from costly and continual maintenance requirements and make deployment much more effective. The motorcycles would be used for deployment of the rangers from their bases to the chosen areas of operation without having to dispatch a vehicle to carry small teams. This would save ECPTA 60-80% in deployment costs. The efficient deployment of rangers from three bases would mean more effective biological and fence monitoring and increased security for the critical black rhino.

Stephen Ham, Director, Major Gifts, AWF

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