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A new hare enclosure

I want to extend a very grateful thank-you to Gordon and Patricia Gray and the Gray Animal Welfare Foundation for funding our hare enclosure.

Our volunteers worked very hard to build our hare enclosure in the autumn, winter and spring and finished just in time for us to receive baby hares. We have already received over 50 baby hares this year and anticipate more coming. This enclosure has been a marvelous space to keep them, as it includes an indoor and outdoor area and is out of our busy, noisy clinic area.

I am including a picture of a hare that I took today in the enclosure as well as a picture of the enclosure. We are still working on getting the sign up for it and have a few more tweaks to do. Our first hare release was a week again and we have a couple more that are almost ready to go.

Your contribution has helped to keep these vulnerable patients alive and provides a safe, quiet place for them to recover and grow.

Thank-you again.

Andrea Hunt , Executive Director, Calgary Wildlife

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