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Atlantic salmon tracking

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Gray,

A full field season report will follow by mail in the weeks ahead but I wanted to share the attached graphics with you. I assigned one of our PSAT or pop up tags to your record; Tag #158494 was attached to an adult salmon on the Restigouche earlier this year and was followed by our researchers using satellite technology to learn more about adult salmon behaviour both before and after crossing our array at the Strait of Belle Isle. The second file attached ("PSAT 494 graphics") unfortunately shows us that this adult salmon didn't make it all the way to the feeding grounds near Greenland. Sorry about that!

The third file ("PSAT 498 graphics") shows a fish that fared better. You'll see that it's last known position was in the Labrador Sea and the depth chart shows us typical feeding behaviour - good news for him and for us.

This is the first time we've really seen where adult are going once they cross the Strait of Belle Isle and start feeding in earnest. Your support has helped us get here!

Kirsten Rouse, Executive Director Development, ASF

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