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Education and banding programs

We are very thankful for the support granted to the foundation by the Gordon and Patricia Gray Animal Welfare Foundation. The funding helped support two important projects.

First program was the Wildlife Education Program. The Canadian Peregrine Foundation visits schools with live captive born birds of prey to teach inner-city and first nations children about Ontario's wildlife at risk. Each presentation is a one-hour curriculum based interactive workshop discussing endangered species and their habitats, ecosystems, the food chain, biodiversity/diversity of living things, and theory of flight and how this applies to the bird visiting their school whether that be a Peregrine Falcon, Bald Eagle, Barn or Great Horned Owl, etc. The visits help promote stewardship and empathy for living things and are earmarked for schools that would not otherwise have the opportunity to receive a presentation like this and students that may never see one of these magnificent birds in person or in the wild.

The second program the funds helped to support is the Species at Risk Stewardship Program. This program has been conducted by CPF for 17 years where we monitor all urban Peregrine Falcon nests and conduct public banding ceremonies where we band the baby falcons with Canadian recovery bands issued by the Canadian Wildlife Services as part of the federal recovery program. These bands help protect Canadian produced falcon chicks from the USA harvest of young northern migrating Peregrines for the purpose of falconry. If they have on one of our recovery bands they must be released.

The program also conducts a three-week fledgeling watch to monitor the young falcons during their first flights to ensure their safety as 88 to 90 percent of young falcons do not survive this critical period of development and often need to be rescued from the streets and other urban hazards.

We do not limit our help to only falcons and are on call 24 hours a day seven days a week during the spring mating season to all birds of prey and have rescued several species of owls, hawks and even Bald Eagles (see photo attached of chicks that were rescued when their nest tree was hit by lightning).

Please accept our heartfelt thanks as we could not have done it without the kindness and generosity you have shown.

Marion Nash, Director, CPF

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