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Raptor flyway enclosure

The enclosure that would be built with your donation would be a raptor flyway. We receive a variety of raptors every year such as eagles, hawks, owls and falcons. Before they get released back to the wild, they have to learn how to fly again. Your donation would be applied to building a 100 ft. long x 20 ft. wide x 16 ft. high flyway. It would be constructed with steel posts and metal paneling and stainless steel meshing on the top along with netting on the side to protect the birds feathers. There would be perches at each end in order for the birds to fly from one end to the other. We would use it for smaller raptors such as owls and falcons. The flyway would have a sign attached recognizing your foundation as the donor.

This flyway is the smaller of the two that is planned to be built. The other is twice the length and wide and higher. This would be used for larger birds such as eagles but could also be used for cranes, pelicans and any other larger birds that we get.

I will forward to you photos of the site that have been taken recently. Also please check our website We are continuously updating the progress of construction.

Update on April 17, 2020:

Mr. Gray, thank you for your generous donation to Wildlife Haven. With donations from organizations such as yours, the vision of Wildlife Haven is becoming a reality. We very much appreciate your support and that of the Foundation. As an update, the Raptor Flyway that you have sponsored will be used this upcoming spring. The flyway is fully constructed and the only item to be installed is the netting around the flyway.

Roger Perron, Project Manager

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