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A new digital elephant scale

Sent November 2015

Dear Deb,

I wanted to let you know that we received the grant money. We are incredibly grateful to the foundation for their generosity!

We will have our first training (humane training for mahoots, elephant handlers) in two weeks! Perfect timing. I will get some wonderful photos that I will share with you.

I also have a small gift that is a token of our appreciation. I want to send it to the right place this time. Please advise on the mailing address I should use.

On behalf of the elephants at Wildlife SOS, thank you!

July 2015

Rajesh is very happy in his new home. He is the first of the circus elephants we rescued. We have now undertaken a campaign to help all of them; but he will always be remembered as the first!

The scale you that your Foundation generously enabled us to purchase has been installed and I am awaiting photos of the elephants being weighed. I just want to reinforce how thrilled we are to have this now. It is going to significantly improve the quality of care we are providing for our elephants and will enable us to catch problems before they might be showing other symptoms.

We wish you a very wonderful New Year and having a chance to work with your Foundation was one of the highlights of our year.

Thank you!

Nikki Sharpe, Executive Director, Wildlife S.O.S. (U.S.)

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